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Chickoo Halwa Recipe|  Sapodilla Halwa Recipe

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Chickoo Halwa Recipe| Sapodilla Halwa Recipe

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Chickoo fresh juice and milk shakes,ice cream are very common and loved by eveyone. This winter, you might want to include another fruit in your diet. Not just for it’s taste, but also for the health benefits. Sapota (Chikoo) also known as Sapodilla, which is grown abundantly in Karnataka, can easily give all the exotic fruits a run for their money, considering the health benefits. Chikoo not just strengthens the intestines, but also boosts immunity and prevents various bacterial infections due to the presence of vitamin A & C.  The natural fructose and sucrose in chickoo helps in providing energy to the body and the dietary fibre content promotes good digestion.

A Delicious dessert dish which can be served as a snack or after meal sweet! Chickoo halwa is a popular dessert served on special occasion, garnished with chopped nuts.

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Wash and peel the chickoos. Finely chop them into pieces. If they are not ripe, then it is better to make a paste out of the chickoos in the mixer. I have used nice and ripe chickoos so chopping them is enough, they will get mushy when we cook them.


Heat a pan and add a teaspoon of ghee and fry the cashews, pistachios and almonds. Take the roasted cashews, pistachios and almonds in a plate. In the same pan, add the chopped chickoo pieces or chickoo paste and cook them for at least 5 minutes.


We could see in 5 minutes, the chopped chickoo would have become nicely mushy and cooked. Take this aside in a plate. Wash and keep the pan again in flame. Add milk to the pan and bring it to boil. Keep stirring the milk till the milk becomes 1/4th of its quantity. Now add the cooked chickoo, Mava(khoya) and mix well and bring it to boil and keep stirring till they become thick.


Then add sugar and stir well. Adding sugar makes the halwa little diluted. Keep stirring until the sugar is combined well and the halwa starts to thicken. Add cardamom powder & ghee at this stage and keep stirring the halwa.


The ghee will nicely combine with the halwa and the whole halwa mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan without sticking the rolls like a ball. This is the right stage to remove from flame. Add the roasted nuts and mix well.


Chickoo Halwa is ready. Transfer it into a serving bowl and garnish with chopped nuts.
You can serve as a dessert after the lunch or the dinner to your family members. It can consumed for up to 4 days when stored in the refrigerator.


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